When you stay with us WE TREAT YOU LIKE FAMILY.

      Our mission is to provide you with experiences you'll never forget, memories that last a lifetime, & a desire to return!

 We know you'll enjoy your time with us at at Paradise on the Caye on San Pedro Island, Ambergris Caye! Don't wait, book now! 

When we arrived in San Pedro and started to build our Bed and Breakfast there were hardly any people that came out to secret beach. It truly was a secret and a very serene place. As time has gone on more people have realized the beauty and the fact that the water is clear, no seagrass or smell and you can walk out a quarter of a mile in sand and still be up to your waist. The sunsets are so beautiful especially as they hit the edge of the water before they go down completely. 

​All of the bars are closed by 6 pm and then the stars come out and its very serene and beautiful and quiet.

The island is built on coral so the beaches are manmade. 

The roads are mostly dirt and rocky and